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For folks who don’t know, Rainbow Sun Francks (Aiden Ford on SGA) has a 8pm EDT Friday night chat, where he and his buddies go on livestream and play video games, while we get to watch and comment. ( ) Romo is this HUGE golden tabby that Rainbow plays with and sings to, and just made it irresistible to put to a cartoon, since I’ve had DD & Dak playing several times already. “Cawsin” and his stuffie “Haggis” came along with “Aedin” for fun & giggles.


DannySpeak Translator-

Cawsin: “Dak, how can you play that with one hand?”

Dak: “- Pure talent, Carson!”

Aedin: (singing softly) “Romo…the world’s fattest cat…Romo…doo-doo dee doo…” (to DD) “These games are cool, DD! If you get killed, you just reset, and you are alive again!”

DD: “-Never been a problem for me, Aiden!”

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Four of my cartoons are now posted on my Tumblr account. They've been in hiding for over a year and a half, but I figured now was as good a time as any to dust them off & let people laugh.

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Chatting with Cheryl yielded the following cartoon. She wanted the stuffies floating in a bubble, and I wanted another excuse for Sheppee & Wodnee to visit, so here ya go! Feel better, sweetie…MWA!


DannySpeak Translator:

DD: “Pat the Bunny and Koo-Foo! What are you doing?”

Dak: “They’re not stuffies - they’re aliens in a spacecraft.”

Sheppee: “I gots [have] an Ancient Drone, and I’m gonna blast them out of the sky!!”

Wodnee: “Can I get out yet? I’m clean. I was clean before I was put in here with these hooligans, but would anyone pay attention to what I have to say? Oh no no no no no no! I’m just dumped in a hot, soapy bathtub! I’m getting soap in my eyes! Is this “no tears” bubblebath? Will it dry my skin? I need special soap for my delicate skin! My toes are getting wrinkled like little pink prunes. My poor little pruney toes…Can I get out yet?
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No translator necessary!!


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...and make it double!

Twitter conversation between Dawn, Anna, CJ, and myself turned into PokéMon quotes, so I just HAD to do DD & Dak as Team Rocket’s Jessie & James! For those of you who were off-world during the last 20-odd years, Koo-Foo is Meowth, and Pat the Bunny is Wobbuffet, who are Jessie & James’ PokéMon.


DD: “Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!”

Dak: “Surrender now or prepare to fight!”

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RDA is in South Africa. He has been on Twitter, saying he was “close to going native”, and tweeting pics of the elusive Wild Rubber Duckie. I couldn’t resist…


DannySpeak Translator -

DD: “Hey, Dak! How was your trip to South Africaaa…..Da-a-k - what are those -?”

Dak: “I found them in the wilds of the hotel bathtub…they are coming to live with us…”

**squeaky squeaky**
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The boys have been away for a while. The terrible ending to the hockey season and other little RL traumas have sent them scurrying off to find peace & quiet. They discovered a little spot, frequented by friends from another show. Spend a day poolside with us…have HockeyZombieVooDooDollie fetch you a lemonade (or carrot juice), and pass the gobbledy-goop…we can have fun, even if we are a bit hopeless!


DD: “This has been a fun month at the spa, Dak. You ready to go now?”

Dak: “Nope.”

DD Dollie: ” - This is the life, Dak!”
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A few of us grew weary of Shanks' massive RT-ing the other day on Twitter. Since I am the only one who had a means of retaliation, I went for it. RL delayed my getting it done sooner, but here ya go!

The other day, a certain special someone was spamming the heck out of Twitter with RT’s (re-tweets) for quite some time…we decided to voice our opinion in the only way we know how, and make a cartoon out of it!

*Disclaimer* : No real Gurney Boys were injured in the making of this cartoon…


DannySpeak Translator-

DD: “DAK! I can’t believe you just whacked Michael with a mallet!”

Dak: ” - That was the only way to get him to stop that darn re-tweeting, Danny.”
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My boys are picking up all kinds of new words on Twitter, courtesy of the Shanks’ extensive vocabularies…with playoffs in a few weeks, I may have to do something drastic, or they’ll never leave that corner!
DannySpeak Translator-

DD: “Dak - If anybody should be in the “Penalty Box”, it should be Michael! He’s a bad influence on us little kids!”

Dak: “Aht! Danny, you just need to learn other words to say during the hockey game. Something that doesn’t involve the letter F!”

DD: “…and now Lexa just Tweeted “Douchenozzle”! - I don’t see Lexa doing no “Time Oat”!!

“Tiger” Dak Dollie: “I know my Dak’s a perfect angel!”

Awwum DD Dollie: “Ha-ha! You gots a potty mouth, DD!”
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From Further Twitter Adventures, his daughter's first date was mentioned by DD's doppelganger. DD & Dak offer their opinions on the matter. Shippies dream ain't happening in MY little world!

(the artifacts drawn are actual artifacts; the silver wine jug is from the tomb of Philip II in Vergina, and DD is holding a Red-Brown Wash Ware pot)
DannySpeak Translator-

DD: "Dak, the only dating we're gonna be doing is artifact dating!! (softer) - This pot, for instance, is from the early Middle Bronze Age in the Tigris Basin!"

Dak: " - The only date I'll have is a Medjhool date!"
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You have to watch what you say on Twitter…you never know who’s listening in and repeats what you say! In DD’s case, he has been corrupted by his doppelganger, and has to have a little “time oat”.


DannySpeak Translator-

DD: What I don’t understand is why you can say “douche canoe”, but when we say it, we get the penalty box?!”

Dak: “…That’s my Danny…snake-baiting Jackson!”

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For anyone not on the lists I'm on, or following me on Twitter, here!

DannySpeak Translator:

DD: "It's just a part I'm playing! No kidding! Stop carving my headstone!"
Dak: "Don't worry - he comes back in season seven!"
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Pure cartoonic evil....

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I'll just post the link if you don't have it already. Today we poke a little fun at "Saving Hope"!

TGIF, y'all!!
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Happy Tokwits Day from DD & Dak’s World!

Danny/DollieSpeak Translator-

DD: “KHUFU!! That’s not very romantic!!”

Dak: ” - I’m not feeling the love here.”

Arrom Dollie: “Hey Tiger! We can make stilts with these!”

Tiger (Dak) Dollie: “YES!”

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I have a Tumblr account now. Hopefully, the ease of posting as I finish a cartoon will get me enthusiastic about drawing again! I'm still crazy-busy, but will try to drag pencils & pens with me where I roam.

Because the site is just for "drive-by" posting, I won't be responding on there to comments (and don't feel obligated to comment, but if you do and want a response, you can reach me at ).

Thanks tons!
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I have been doing stuff again! A very sweet friend (and also another friend chipped in last night) gave me a $50 gift certificate for Spoonflower. For those unfamiliar, it's a company that prints custom fabrics on demand and sells it, much like Zazzle and CafePress. My friends wanted me to really do what I had only talked about, and start making DD & Dak-themed fabrics so folks could make fun stuff. Here's the first one:

I'm going to see about adding a few different background colors, because *now* I want to make a DD & Dak "rainbow" quilt! After that, I'll add Koo-Foo & Pat the Bunny prints, and some of the PJ "prints" that I've made up for the boys in various cartoons. It's silly fun; why not? Since I paid $48 for Patrick a pair of plain striped PJ bottoms, the custom fabric actually is cheaper, and it's better quality. I was really impressed with the clarity, colors, and fabric quality. this stuff is exactly like what you buy in a fabric store, not a cheap Xerox.

Off to see what I can do now! I have more ideas than sense, money, or time....

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My son asked if I could make a stuffie of his cartoon character for Christmas...many delays and visitors later, I finally finished her! She gets her "cutie mark" tomorrow, as it is 0240 hours, and I am about to crash BIG-time! Once that's done, I'll get back to drawing cartoons for you!

I'm barely understanding dollie making, much less animals. This is my first, so hopefully I'll get better as I go along. And yes, it is a version of My Little Pony...P2 belongs to a fanfic group. They even have an SG-1 crossover story!


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Blame the jammies on Cheryl...sorry this is so late.

Love to all-
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Thank you, sg1danny, for the site help!

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